Air Conditioning Repair Nottingham

Your safety and comfort while in your car partly depend on the state of your air-conditioning. Our garage specialises in keeping this part of your vehicle in a properly working state. We achieve this by ensuring it remains clean and safe through several ways, including air-con check, re-charge, anti-bacterial clean, repairs, and full leak checks.

What’s The Importance Of Having Your Air Con Checked & Serviced?

Your car relies on the air-conditioning system in order to function at its best. When you fail to service it, here’s what could happen: 

  • You will have to endure those dreaded nasty smells
  • A drop in gas pressure. This will result in your engine putting in more effort than is required due to lack of a proper cooling mechanism. 
  • More money will be spent on fuel 


The good news is you have a chance to prevent all these unfortunate situations from happening. Although you might opt not to use your car’s air con regularly, it’s important to be sure that it will work well when you activate it. A lot could happen without notice and if it’s an incident that requires you to active your air-con, you will appreciate its importance thereafter.

Think of a hot or super cold day and the frustration when you step into your vehicle and realize that the A/C can’t save you from the extremes of weather. 

Here’s what you probably don’t know: You’re A/C doesn’t even require a lot to keep it in a properly working state. Yet its failure could be costly. You will probably pay a lot to fix it, not to mention your health and comfort. 

Almost all vehicles nowadays come equipped with air conditioning systems as a standard feature. Weather changes are unavoidable and the system’s work is to ensure you are comfortable and safe, whether it’s hot, cold, or misty. However advanced your A/C may be, know that it’s not immune to a deterioration in performance, making routine maintenance and servicing necessary. 

Even car manufacturers admit it. That is why they urge you to visit a garage at least once a year and have that air-con inspected to maintain its performance and pristine state. At [name of company], our goal remains to provide efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly services that are tailored to the special needs of your air-conditioning system.

How Do I Know My A/C Needs Servicing?

It is easy to tell if your air con needs checking. The most common indicators are usually:

  • Your A/C blowing hot air
  • Bad odours coming from inside your car 
  • Humid air inside your car

Whenever you notice any of the signs, don’t panic. Allow our professional technicians to step in and help you. The first thing they will do is inspect the parts to establish which ones are not working properly. Thereafter, you will be handed a report that summarizes the condition of all the key parts, including the condensers, hoses, drive belt systems, pipes, and associated parts. 

We also have more recent equipment with advanced technologies that function to eliminate the odour from your car. How it works is that the system helps us to create an ozone system in your car that gets rid of the odour-producing bacteria, leaving a fresh and sweet smell.

How Often Does Your A/C Need Recharging?

To function as it should, your air con needs a full recharge after every two years. Regular checks in between allow our team to look at your air con’s components such as hoses, pipes, compressors, condensers, drive belt, and other systems. During these checks, we also advise you on how to rid of stuffy odours from your car. 

Recharging Your Air Conditioning

At our garage, we do a full check to determine if your air con’s pressure is correct and fix it if need be. We also do thorough checks on your car’s oil, gas, and dye to optimize your air con’s performance.

We also handle issues like low refrigerant with ease while minding your pocket. Low refrigerant has in most cases been found to be the leading cause of air-con failure. It could be worse if you fail to do anything about that because you’ll be inviting repairs and replacement that could turn out to be very costly. 

Now let’s face it. Your air-conditioning definitely deserves routine service and maintenance, right? After all, none of us would enjoy the frustrations and expenses that accompany its failure. 

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